Add & Save Discount Program


Introducing our new revolutionary discount program.

Unlock savings up to 25% off each time you order.

When you purchase just two categories of NovaLash products you’ll begin to save. The more categories you purchase, the more discounts you receive on those categories of products.

Our Add & Save program is available by phone Monday-Friday every week of the year. You’ll never have to wait for a sale again!

*Aftercare Kit, cleanLASH, mascara, LASHwand, Lash+Doctor **JETliner, all 24 Hour Cream Shadows products ***Gel Patches & Under Eye Stickers

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Why You’ll Love the Add & Save Program

Year-Round Savings: NovaLash’s core products are discounted every single day. No waiting for seasonal sales.

Flexible: Choose the products and quantities you need to fit your budget.

Cost Effective: No need to purchase large amounts to receive a discount.

Profitable: Decrease your product costs to increase your profits.

Career-Boosting: NovaLash’s award-winning core products can help you double the wear time of lash extensions while providing higher-quality results for your clients.

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