The Bundle

We are excited to offer our customers the Bundle and Save program.

NovaLash has assembled an all-encompassing, customisable kit that arms NovaLash Certified artists with the essential products used daily at a tremendous value. This program provides you with an exclusive 20% discount, 24/7, 365 days per year for the products you use every day.

We are committed to providing you with opportunities to differentiate from other lash artists and salons by offering more effective products and techniques.

The Bundle is the best choice for full-time lash artists. This kit services around 80 clients, depending on usage. The products in the Bundle are designed to work together to create safe, healthy, high quality lash experiences for your clients using the NovaLash Technique. 

Also see the Mini Bundle, which services around 40 clients. 

The Bundle contains: 

*Customise your kit by choosing your preferred products for these items. 

The Bundle will vary in price, depending on your choice of lashes and under eye products. Examples are pre-VAT.

Minimum cost is £322, normally £402.50, saving you £80.50

Maximum cost is £408.40, normally £510.50, saving you £102.10

For questions or to place an order for the Bundle, call 0131 677 4955 or email