American Volume

Create luxurious, textured, fuller lashes for your clients with this advanced training course. 

Expand your skills with NovaLash’s American Volume technique. This advanced training course includes 4 hours of hands-on instructor-supervised training, where you’ll learn how to apply multiple extensions to each natural lash. American Volume training can help you perfect your current skills while you learn new techniques to grow your business. Training is followed by five independent case studies done in-salon or at home with personalised feedback and coaching from your trainer.

Class Details

  • NovaLash’s unique glove method
  • One-step fanning technique 
  • Multiple 3-length bonding technique for a more natural appearance 
  • Customising lashes to fit all eye shapes 
  • Application method for speed
  • Proper isolation and separation techniques 
  • Understand the curing process
  • Adhesive chemistry and environmental control
    • Create full sets of American Volume extensions in under 2 hours 
    • Achieve long-lasting sets that only need infills every 4-5 weeks 
    • Gain access to NovaLash's patented adhesives, learn how to use them and best practices.
    • Receive step-by-step instruction on how to customise your lash application 
    • Speed up your lashing time while creating beautiful and believable lashes 
    • Receive demonstrations of Candied Lashes and Bottom Lashes, add-on services to further enhance your offerings and income
    • Lashes are instantly oil-proof and waterproof, resulting in a more satisfied client
    • Learn important business techniques to grow your career
    • To register for a class, visit classes.
    • Let the team know where you are located, and they will assist you in choosing a class.
    • Once paid and registered, you’ll be mailed your training kit and a training manual prior to the class date.
    • Bring the following items to class:
      • A friend to be your lashing model during the last 4 hours of class (if in-person)
      • Manual
      • Glasses (if needed)
      • Training kit
      • Your favourite tool for isolation
    • Complete the training day.
    • Complete 5 case studies with your trainer’s support.
    • Upon completion of requirements, you’ll receive your NovaLash certification and become an official member of #TeamNovaLash.

    Training & Kit

    £675.00 plus Shipping and VAT, if applicable

    • American Volume Manual 
    • High Speed Platinum Bond Adhesive – 5ml
    • Undereye Stickers (14/sheet) – 1 sheet
    • American Volume C-Curl .07 8mm tray
    • American Volume C-Curl .07 10mm tray
    • American Volume C-Curl .05 12mm tray
    • American Volume C-Curl .05 14mm tray
    • Mini Adhesive remover 3cc
    • Diamond Volume Forceps
    • 1 Sheet of Parafilm
    • Gel Patches
    • Double-sided tape
    • 1 CleanLASH
    • Microbrushes – pack of 20
    • Aftercare cards
    • High-quality certificate paper for printing of electronic certificate

    *Included NovaLash products subject to change

    Please note, this is a fast-paced class with a lot of information. In order to become proficient and fast using the American Volume Technique, regular and frequent practice after class will be required.

    • Trained lash artists who have been: 
      • Providing lash services for approximately 6 months 
      • Applying full sets in 2 hours or less 

    Available in-person and virtually.

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