Health & Safety

NovaLash continues to lead the industry through our commitment to health and safety.

There’s a reason why NovaLash is known as the healthiest, safest lash brand in the world; NovaLash is dedicated to maintaining the health of your eyes and natural lashes. All NovaLash products are physician-developed and when paired with our science-based application technique, NovaLash eyelash extensions are completely damage-free. NovaLash was also the first lash brand to pass toxicity testing, which is why we proudly share the lab results for each of our products. Explore specific products below to learn more about the health, safety, and quality of our entire product line.

Material Safety Data Sheets:

novalash mascaraMASCARA


gel patchesGEL PATCHES

cleanlash cream

lash doctorLASH + DOCTOR
adhesive removerADHESIVE REMOVER platinum bond high speedPLATINUM BOND HIGH SPEED
fume free adhesive FUME FREE ADHESIVE platinum bond ashesivePLATINUM BOND ADHESIVE
platinum bond adhesive test resultsPLATINUM BOND ADHESIVE
platinum bond adhesives toxicity resultsPLATINUM BOND ADHESIVE