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NovaLash Intl

NovaLash Discovery Kit - American Volume

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From the most experienced lash extension company in the world comes our new NovaLash Discovery Kits. These kits provide lash artists with the opportunity to try our award-winning solutions all in one easy kit.

These kits enable lash artists to experience the effectiveness of NovaLash before enrolling in one of NovaLash's state-of-the-art courses.

The kits consist of solutions that are formulated and manufactured to work together as a complete system, rather than having to mix and match products from multiple brands. Each kit delivers results for clients that are longer lasting, safer, more comfortable, and more attractive.

Buying a NovaLash Discovery Kit is the first step in offering safe, non-toxic services to clients while building an excellent reputation. NovaLash products help achieve maximum client retention while reducing the risk of losing customers due to poor results from using ineffective products on the market.

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