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Novalash Intl

novaMINX™ just 8s & 10s

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Just 8's and 10's provide stability, support, and structure to create beautiful, long-lasting lashes. NovaLash’s B-Curl is perfect for clients with straight or downward pointing lashes.

For luxurious feeling lashes

novaMINX are NovaLash’s own line of luxurious eyelash extensions created to mimic real mink fur. These extensions are extremely soft and supple with a beautiful glossy shine. Just 8’s and 10’s are the foundation for long-lasting, beautiful lashes. Each novaMINX just box is designed to give stylists extra lashes that are used the most. Build stability, support, and structure to lashes by using more 8’s and 10’s. These are a must have in any stylist’s back bar.


  • This extension is straight at the base and curls closer to the tip.
  • Perfect for your clients with straight or downward pointing natural lashes.


  • The perfect curl- they fit well and last best on natural eyelashes that range from slightly curly to quite curly.


  • Soft and supple texture
  • Extremely light weight
  • Excellent choice for sensitive eyelid skin
  • High gloss
  • Sanitary
  • Maintains curl when wet


  • Quicker application time - When used with NovaLash’s glove technique and Platinum Bond, application time has been shown to decrease by at least 20 minutes, allowing our stylists to earn more per hour, schedule more appointments and achieve better client retention.
  • NovaLash’s unique production design allows for a more hygienic application, small sections can be used at a time.